The Golf Club Milano was born in 1928 and it is one of the oldest and most prestigious Italian golf clubs. It was designed, with subsequent extensions, inside the majestic Park of Monza, 1,700 acres of woodland containing about 100,000 trees of different essences.

The Park was created in the early 19th century inspired by the gardens of Versailles and became a hunting reserve of the Kings of Italy; it is the largest walled Park in the world. The old pheasant, made in wrought iron, that stands atop the beautiful clubhouse, passes on the memories of those hunts. The pheasant was the symbol, at one time, of the hunting lodge of the Savoy family (Royal Family), which was the first clubhouse. Today, relocated on the roof of the new headquarters built during the Presidency of Gianni Albertini (who later became President of Federgolf) is somehow the continuity in the long history of Golf Club Milano.

Inevitably, in a course carved inside a natural setting like that, the trees are main actors, outlining the contours of the holes and imposing a great precision of shots to the players. Along its holes (originally nine, 27 today) were written important pages in the history of Italian golf.

Already home to eight editions of the Italian Open (1951-’52-’56-’81-’84-’90-2015-2016) the Golf Club Milano has recently updated the layout of the course, which now has an overall length of 6,570 metres, adapting it to the needs of the contemporary golf. Totally immersed in nature, with no houses, roads, pylons, interfering with the course, the Golf Club Milano flanks, at times, the track circuit which annually hosts the Grand Prix of Formula 1. The proximity will allow spaces for the driving range and the parking lot of the racetrack on the occasion of the Italian Open.