The concept of building a golf course in Valtenesi, just a few kilometres from Lake Garda, which moderates the valley’s climate, was the result of the entrepreneurial skills and foresight of Riccardo Pisa and Giorgio Simonini, who in 1984, realised the potential of combining a sports initiative and a real estate project.

The concept of ​​tourism development accompanied every step of the design and development process for the Gardagolf Country Club, together with respect for the environment. Pisa and Simonini set out to make a sports investment, believing that the game of golf was an ideal complement to a holiday characterised by class and high standard services.

The first 18 holes (the Red course and the White course), inaugura­ted on June 28th 1986, were designed by Golf & Gardens and the English firm Cotton, Penninck, Steel & Partners. A new 9-hole course (the Yellow course) was then inaugurated in 1990.

The Gardagolf Country Club is a golf course of Anglo-Italian design and the additional course in fact completed the structure of the original English project.

Experts consider the Gardagolf Country Club one of the best golf courses built over the past thirty years. Spread out over 110 hectares, the Gardagolf County Club offers 27 holes nestled between the Rocca di Manerba, Soiano Castle and the Valtenesi hills, offering an extraordinarily beautiful panorama. Cypresses, olive trees, centuries-old oaks, pines and holm oaks complete the setting.

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